Cards with Activate cause X Gems to become Activate Gems. Activate Gems are visible to all players. Trigger the Activate ability whenever you, and not an opponent, match an Activate Gem.

If a Support or Creature Card has Activate X, a max of X Activate Gems are created when you cast the cast and at the beginning of your turn while you control that Card.

If a Spell or Ability has Activate X Y-turn than a Countdown Activate Gem is created. Countdown Activate Gems are triggered either by you matching the gem or when the Countdown timer reaches 0. Countdown Activate Gems tick down at the beginning of your turn.
Activate Gems
Activate Gems are created when you cast Cards with Activate and are triggered whenever you, and not an opponent, matches one or more of the gems. If you match two Activate Gems in a single turn the Activate Card's ability will also trigger twice.
Cards with Awaken have dual casting costs: their main cost and an additional cost that is filled once the card’s initial casting cost is filled.

Note that the cards will auto-cast when their initial casting cost is filled, so you should disable the card in your hand to make sure you will fill the 2nd cost, if you so wish.

When you manage to cast the card with the 2nd cost, an additional action will trigger, such as summoning tokens or granting Power/Toughness modifiers.
Creature will attack enemy creatures before targeting opposing Planeswalkers
Cards with the Converge icon track which colors were used to fill the card, then give scaling benefits for each different color used to fill their mana cost.
You can see the amount of different colors that were used on the Converge icon on the card in hand.
When this creature deals damage to another creature, destroy that creature
Is able to block enemy creatures
Devoid cards have their mana filled by matching Void Gems as well as by matching normal Gems
Creatures that are Disabled can neither Attack nor Block. Disabled Creatures can be identified by their misty picture and red ability icons. While a Creature is Disabled, all Trap and Activate tiles they control are also Disabled.
Double Strike
Deals First Strike damage and normal combat damage
First Strike
Deals damage before the normal combat phase
Creature can only be blocked by creatures with Reach
Creature is able to attack when it enters the battlefield
Creature is immune to all spells and effects your opponents control
Cards that perform an Ingest convert gems on the board to Void gems.
The Ingested gems are always of your opponent’s color(s). For example, when playing against Jace, if you Ingest 3, you will convert 3 Blue gems to Void gems.
The ability is triggered whenever you match 4 or more gems.
Some abilities are displayed as “Landfall {{color}}” - when this happens, if you match 4 or more gems of the specified color, that specific Landfall triggers.
Gain life equal to the damage dealt by this creature
This creature can only be blocked if opponent controls two or more creatures with Defender or Reach
Cards that Process require Void gems for their ability to be triggered. If there are enough Void gems, it will convert the required amount into gems of your opponent’s color then trigger it’s ability.
For example, if a card has “Process 2: Deal 2 damage to your opponent”, when cast, if there are 2 Void gems on the board, 2 Void gems are converted into your opponent’s color(s) and you deal 2 damage to your opponent. If there aren’t enough Void gems on the board, the ability does not trigger.
Whenever a creature with Ally comes into play, trigger the Rally ability.
Note that each creature with Rally also is an Ally, so them coming into play will immediately trigger their Rally.
Rally is a generic keyword with ability text after it; “Rally: Deal 1 damage to your opponent”. If you had that in play and triggered the Rally, it would execute the card text.
Creature counts as Defender and can block Flying creatures
Creature regains X toughness each turn where X is its regenerate value
The first time this creature deals damage to a Planeswalker, gain +X/+X where x is equal to its Renown value
Excess damage dealt to a creature is dealt to the Planeswalker
Cards with Trap cause X Gems to become Trap Gems. Trap Gems are only visible to the player that created them. When an Opponent matches a Trap Gem the Card that created the Trap Gem is triggered.
If a Creature has Trap X, a max of X Trap Gems are created when you cast that Creature and at the beginning of every one of your turns while you control that creature.
Trap Gems
Trap Gems are created when you cast Cards with Trap and are triggered when an opponent matches one or more of the gems. Trap Gems are only visible to the player that controls them. If an opponent matches two Trap Gems in a single turn the Trap Card's ability will also trigger twice.
This creature is unable to be blocked by creatures its opponent controls
Becomes a Defender when no other Defender is present. Flying creatures with Vigilance may block as if they had Reach
Void Gems
Void Gems are created through Ingest and consumed as a resource through Process.
Void gems only give mana to cards with the Devoid keyword when matched. If you have no cards with the Devoid keyword, no mana will be gained at all when they are matched.