• Added visual display for the number of shields each support has
  • Fixed a few display bugs on the search form
  • Added an Announcements page with the 15 most recent announcements from the D3Go Official forums
  • Added 53 new cards for the Oath of the gatewatch (OGW) Patch 1.5.0 Update
  • Updated text and art for over 100 cards from Origins and Battle for Zendikar
  • Added filtering options for all subtypes (e.g. Human, elf, and etc.)
  • Added Facebook sharing for all cards
  • Added a disclaimer for cards that are not yet released or only available for purchase or winnable in special events
  • Fixed the description of Devoid in the Glossary
  • Added link to original paper Magic the Gathering card on Card Details page
  • Added subtype filtering for Ally, Elemental, Elf and Zombie
  • All BFZ card art and data entered into database!!!!
  • Added Battle For Zendikar placeholder Cards
  • Using Wizards Gatherer images for all missing images
  • Added better sorting of creature types (Human/Elf appears before Warrior/Soldier and etc.)
  • Added better error handling
  • Added another breakpoint for large screens (1600px)
  • Added linking to Glossary section from Details screen for Abilitys/Keywords
  • Added Glossary section
  • Added expansion selection to search form
  • Added Card Expansion and Card Patch data to cards
  • Added "scroll back to top" when your search changes (larger screen sizes only)
  • Better cookie handling to fix screen shifting on page load
  • Added collapsible "Search Form" for smaller screen sizes
  • Better persistent state handling for all user selections (page # and size, current sort order and more)
  • Removed full card hover tooltip for touch only devices
  • Modified sort logic to better handle list values
  • Changed page size selector to better display different views when in card list mode
  • Launched!

Future Updates

Currently working on
  • Add ability to choose "Show ALL" or "Show ANY" cards that match radio/check lists
    UPDATE: Very close to having this functionality released
  • Add ability to filter (show or hide) cards that are not currently available
  • Fix some usability issues with the search form regarding how it scrolls for larger devices
  • Expand the glossary to include more definitions
  • Figure out a way to get Shields/Charges data on each support (Ie. How many matches can a support take before it is removed? -- Community sourcing would be really helpful)
  • Fix card flip in IE
Planned Features
  • Add tokens (Knight, Thopter, etc.) to Card database
  • Creating a browser extension/greasemonkey script to allow users to hover over card names on the Official Forums/Reddit and get instant card images/data about them
  • Add Quick Battle Calendar and Reward Information
  • Add voting mechanism for individual cards
  • Track different versions of cards as they are patched
  • Add user dashboard
  • Add deckbuilding functionality
  • Add inventory management
  • Add Pack/Bundle opening simulator
  • Incorporate backend into CMS to facilitate moderation of database
  • Add Planeswalkers section with full leveling and ability information